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Subroutine PRNT is used for creation of x-y plots. A standard grid is determined from the range of values to be plotted. Subroutine TRIANG is used for the construction of ternary diagrams. If the Calcomp plotter is specified, then calls will be made to the Calcomp software package to generate the plotter commands; otherwise a printer plot is drawn. Ad Hoc Committee Report – Metric Usage in Federal Printing, a study done in 1992 by the U.S. government that shows that migration to international standard paper formats is feasible and, with few exceptions, would not cause significant costs. Some related media coverage: The logic behind metric paper sizes. Slashdot, 2004-05-14. With our XY plotter solution you can: Plot X vs Y, X vs 2Y & X vs 3Y inputs in real-time on your PC's monitor. Adjust the input scaling including axis autoscaling feature; Manual or automatic testing modes; Set up custom scales and display real-world units on each axis; Change the data acquisition sample rate to capture fast transient data