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Check the tax roll for the city or county in which the property is located. This lists all taxable property within a given jurisdiction. The roll will tell you how much the land is worth, whether it's been claimed, and whether there's an outstanding tax bill that needs to be paid on the property. Many counties have digitized this list onto a county-wide parcel assessor website. Search foA taxi from Taradale (one of the nearer Napier suburbs) to Hawkes Bay hospital is around $20-$25, so I wouldn't be using that regularly to get to work. While I find Napier on the whole more appealing than Hastings , if you don't have your own transport, living near the hospital would make sense, and there are some nice places in Hastings. Dynamics of the Wulong landslide revealed by broadband seismic records. NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) Li, Zhengyuan; Huang, Xinghui; Xu, Qiang; Yu, Dan; Fan ...